Radiation Dermatitis Cream Multi Mineral Moisturizer

All cancer patients receiving radiation therapy are at risk of skin damage resulting from radiation dermatitis. Degrees of severity will vary by cancer type and radiation therapy regime. This side effect is often unpleasant and painful. In some cases, radiation dermatitis may become so severe that an interruption or cessation of radiation therapy is necessary.

Radiation Dermatitis Treatment Options:
A wide variety of products, including many over the counter products, have been used to help treat radiation dermatitis. These products have shown little to no evidence to support their use. Additionally, none of these treatments have any of the preventative mechanisms that RDC formulation has; they focus rather on skin repair after the damage is done.

What Is RDC?
RDC, Radiation Dermatitis Cream Multi Mineral Moisturizer, is a revolutionary biological topical therapy that provides preventative skin protection from irritation and burns that typically results from radiation cancer therapies. RDC is easily absorbed into the skin and stops oxidative cellular damage. RDC technology has also proven to be effective for UVA and UVB sun protection.

How Does RDC Work?
RDC produces molecular scavengers that enhance the cellular immune response system thereby eliminating the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. RDC is not a SPF (Sun Protectant Factor) chemical block or metallic mask. According to studies, RDC significantly reduces the effects of oxidative cellular damage to the epidermal and sub epidermal cells that are caused by radiotherapies. RDC is designed to prevent this oxidative damage.

A six month study to verify efficacy of the mechanism of action of RDC formulation was conducted. RDC proved to be safe on different skin types and RDC proved to be an efficacious as a preventative treatment. The majority of the patients had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was treated using conventional radiation therapies. RDC was supplied to all patients and instructed to apply the cream on the area to be irradiated 1-2 hours before the scheduled treatment. In all cases, RDC showed to minimize irritation and burning thereby improving patient’s comfort during the treatment cycle. All patients completed therapy without interruption. One patient, in a side test, volunteered to undergo a double session to help evaluate the level of effectiveness. No irritation was evident and the patient had no discomfort.

RDC Eliminating Side Effects
RDC offers epidermal and sub-epidermal skin cell protection for radiation therapy patients. In most cases eliminating side effects such as:

  • Ulcerations
  • Skin Cell Death
  • Desquamation
  • Bleeding
  • With no treatment interruption or symptom progression throughout treatment


  • Complete skin (epidermal and sub epidermal) preventive protection
  • Used as a topical application prior to treatment, and can be used for the duration of the treatment cycle
  • Does not interfere with the efficacy of the radiation treatment
  • Biological and organic ingredients
  • No side effects and well tolerated – preferred by patients
  • OTC application for prevention of radiation dermatitis resulting from radiation treatments
  • Uses the latest technology in molecular delivery systems
  • Safe and effective sun protection for all ages
  • Does not wash off
  • Leaves no residual on skin surface
  • Tested and proven effective
  • RDC is a biological topical cosmetic cream made with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients.