Sure & Easy Ovulation Prediction Tests


Sure & Easy Ovulation Prediction Test offers an easy, rapid and convenient way to find out the few days each month when you are most likely to become pregnant.
Sure & Easy Ovulation Prediction Test measures the amount of lutenizing hormone (LH) in the urine. LH is a hormone produced by the body that is responsive for ovulation. Ovulation is the process where an egg is released from the ovary. At that time, there will be a surge in the LH level (LH surge) during the menstrual cycle about 24 to 36 hours before ovulation occurs. Sure & Easy Ovulation Prediction Test detects this LH surge to predict ovulation.

Sure & Easy Ovulation Prediction Test is very easy to use and is 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge. Just follow the easy testing procedure and wait 5 minutes for the results. Once you have found out when you are ovulating then allow nature to take its course.
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Available in

  • Sure & Easy Ovulation Test Stick
  • Sure & Easy Ovulation Test Card
  • Sure & Easy Ovulation Test Strip