Now, with DairyCare you can eat and drink all different kinds of milk and dairy products without the uncomfortable bloating, cramping, gas and diarrhoea problems that come along with lactose intolerance. Imaging enjoying the health benefits of dairy without pain and discomfort of dairy intolerance.

With DairyCare, the once-a-day digestive aid for lactose intolerance, you have the freedom to enjoy once again the dairy foods and drinks that you love. DairyCare works naturally to help create the enzyme that aids in the digestion of lactose. If you think you can’t drink milk, think again.

What is lactose deficiency?
It is a dietary problem that occurs from a lack of enzyme, lactase, normally produced by cells of the small intestine. When the production of this enzyme is low, a common sugar, lactose, cannot be broke down in the intestine, resulting in multiple unpleasant symptoms.

What foods contain this sugar that can cause these problems?
It is found in almost all foods and many medications such as milk, cheese, eggs, veal, yogurt, 20% of prescription drugs (antibiotics, oral contraceptives), 6% of over-the-counter medicines, baked goods, cereals, potatoes, margarin, salad dressing, candies, biscuits, ice cream, etc.

How and when does a person get this problem?
It is an intermittent and recurrent problem that occurs in all races and in all countries of the world. The fact is: it is acquired or genetic – that is the cells that make the enzymes can decrease their production of lactase at any time during your lifetime. It occurs almost equally in men and women and is more common as we get older.

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